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University Of Dundee Student Partnership Agreement

By December 19, 2020 No Comments

As a student leader, it is important that you know and read the joint agreement between DUSA and the University on student representation. This document strengthens the system and explains the main processes and roles. Each year, DUSA and the university sign a student partnership agreement that sets out the top priorities for the coming year and the general principles on which we agree. We will continue to agree and set our priorities in this way. We will develop and improve our approach to student partnership agreements to ensure their impact on students in all schools and disciplines. We will continue to work together to strengthen and develop student representation and the voice of students at the university. The term “partnership” is used broadly to emphasize the joint work between students and staff. Partnership work is based on values: “Partnership involves an equal relationship between two or more bodies that work together to achieve a common goal, respecting the different skills, knowledge, experiences and skills that each party brings. These organizations are jointly agreed and cooperate to varying degrees in implementing the consequences of these decisions. In the case of higher education, it is an effective working relationship between an institution and its students, as individuals and through its collective representation, which works towards the establishment of a highest quality educational institution. (Guidelines for the development and implementation of a partnership agreement for university students) There is a lot of help for all students, so remember that it is not your responsibility to take on their problems, but you can point students in the right direction to seek help As an elected official, you are part of a long tradition of students who have progressed to guide change at the university; The Council of Student Representatives, for example, was established in the 19th century and predated the university. Partnership work recognizes that all members of the partnership have legitimate, if sometimes different, perceptions and experiences.

Cooperation towards a common goal can lead to measures that lead to improvement so that all parties involved can get involved. The use of the term “partnership” reflects a mature relationship based on mutual respect between the student and staff. The University and the Dundee University Students` Association (DUSA) are working together to develop an annual Student Partnership Agreement (SPA) to further enhance the experience for our students.