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Umbraco Data Processing Agreement

By December 19, 2020 No Comments

14.1 Personal data should not be retained for longer than is necessary to achieve the initial purpose of processing. The categories of personal data that need to be processed under this data protection authority include the following categories: this processing is carried out in accordance with the EU`s standard personal data transfer clauses (EU standard clauses). Before any treatment in these areas, the data processor must, if necessary, obtain, in addition to this data protection authority, the standard clauses of the UNION with the data manager (“data exporter” according to the EU standard clauses) and/or obtain that the subcontractor (an importer of data in accordance with EU standard clauses) enters and/or procures the EU`s standard clauses (“data exporter” in accordance with EU-type clauses). In the event of a conflict between these eu-standard clauses between the parties and this data protection authority, priority will be given to eu model clauses. As an Umbraco Cloud user, you can offer your customers a high level of security so that all data contained and used by Umbraco Cloud complies with EU privacy policy. 6.1 The processing of personal data is only carried out in technological environments controlled by the federal government, the data processor and the subcontractor in the authorized area. In order to avoid any doubt, the processing includes access to personal data from remote sites. 8.2 The person in charge of the processing is authorized by the person in charge of the processing to enter into agreements on EU standard clauses on behalf of the data manager on behalf of the data manager. The area or areas authorized for the processing of personal data are the following regions or countries: On 25 May 2018, the EU`s general data protection regulation will be implemented. We looked at where improvements need to be made to ensure that all Umbraco products and services meet the required data protection requirements.

On this page you will find relevant documents and information about Umbraco and the RGPD (the website is regularly updated with new information).