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Asuu 2009 Agreement With Federal Government

By April 8, 2021 No Comments

“If they ask us, “Can we renegotiate this agreement?” The answer is yes. “Our position is that any student who gets admission to university and cannot qualify for the federal scholarship has the right to get a loan from the training bank. Each student would receive a loan of N1 million per year. The N700,000 of this loan is paid to the university in the form of tuition fees, while the balance is available to the student to support his living allowances,” said Mr. Babalakine. He said the team should take a look at the 2009 agreements with university unions and work with each union to make far-reaching recommendations that would reposition Nigeria`s higher education system. “We are just waiting for the invitation. No matter what the government has in mind, there will be discussions on that. And whatever the government intends to do right now, our representatives cannot say yes or no, it must be brought back to our members for our last word. Only our NEC has the right to accept or reject government offers.┬áBoth ASUU and the government kept the details of the agreement confidential, so the public had to feed on crumbs of information leaked during discussions between the two sides. There is no doubt that there will be no loss of love between the Union and the federal government. One of them is the agreement reached between the two parties in 2009. Yet since the re-foundation of the government`s negotiating team, many steps seem to have been taken backwards.

Public analysts believe the government is using delaying tactics to keep its promises during the renegotiation of the 2009 FGN/ASUU agreements and the September 2017 MoA. Parliamentary elections in 2019 are approaching. It is not clear how an ASUU strike can have a negative impact on President Muhammadu Buhari`s chances in next year`s presidential elections. “Recent reports show that experienced academics with particular skills in the employment of different universities on the basis of a contract are now licensed on the instruction of IPPIS operators.